Goals for 2019-2020

  1. Improved and expanded use of social media for advocacy and information.
  2. To participate and/or have a presence at disability-related workshops and conferences, rather than facilitating an Autism Awareness Day at the State House.
  3. Monitor state-wide planning groups (Census-Based Funding Work Group re: Act 173, Special Education Advisory Group, and the AHS Autism Work Group) and provide advocacy to these groups for the Autism community.
  4. Address the training and standards presently given to educational professionals (paraprofessionals, regular classroom teachers, and special educators), who work with individuals on the spectrum in Vermont.  Special emphasis will look at how autism presents differently in girls than boys.
  5. Attend, articulate, and advocate for the autism community in schools, through public hearings around the state (due to Act 173), especially for changes in the adverse effect step of eligibility for special education services.