How to Set-Up a Meeting with Your Legislator


An important part of Autism Awareness Day is letting your elected official know how important issues related to autism are to you. Here are some tips on how to schedule a meeting with your legislator.

  1. Find out the name and contact information for your legislators, including your state Senators (County) and your local Representative.

  1. Prepare a brief statement of what you are going to say. Let them know you’ll be at the State House on Autism Awareness Day and would like to meet with them briefly to discuss issues about autism. Don’t forget to mention that you are a constituent (mention town you live in).

“My name is _______ and I live in __________. I am a parent of a child with autism and I will be attending Autism Awareness Day at the State House on April 10th.  I would like to meet with you briefly during my visit. I plan on being there between ____ and _____ . Please call me at _____________. Thank you

  1. Contact your legislator to let them know you’d like to meet at the State House.
    • By phone is ideal, especially if you live in one of the larger counties.
    • Email is acceptable, but be prepared to follow up by phone if you don’t get a response.
  2. At the State House
    1. The Sergeant at Arms office runs the page program and messages can be left for your legislator there. Walk into the office on the main floor, fill out a message slip and one of the 8th grade kids in the page program will hand deliver your message to your legislator! The message should include where you will be and your cell phone if you have one. The message system is fine to use even if you didn’t give your legislator advanced notice that you will be there.
    2. You can also print out one of these forms and drop off when you are at the State House by the entrance at the SGT at Arms office.  There are 3 Requests to Meet with Legislator forms per sheet. Please prepare one request for each legislator. Note that Chittenden County residents have 6 senators and all other counties have between up to 3 senators.
      1. Request to Meet with Legislator (All Counties) Request to Meet Legislator-All Counties
      2. Request to Meet with Legislator (Chittenden County) Request to Meet Legislator-Chittenden Senators