Goals for 2022-2023

  1. Continue improving and expanding use of our social media (website and
    Facebook) for autism advocacy and information.
    • Addition of a web page concerning females with autism and their related issues and concerns. Also, see goal # 4 below for a page dedicated to information for parents who are waiting to get a formal evaluation ASD for their child.
  2. Collaborate, coordinate, and engage with organizations and interest groups throughout Vermont and the disability community that have similar or allied concerns with the intent to address mutual concerns and create additional synergy for these concerns.
    • These organizations, for example, include the Vermont Coalition of Disability Rights, VT Family Network, NAMI, Green Mountain Self Advocates, VT Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, All Brains Belong, and others in the larger disability community. This engagement may include attendance and/or some kind of presence at their workshops, conferences, and other public events. This work will also include addressing any possible action by the Agency of Educational to delay further the implementation of the new special education regulations (especially the one that changes the Adverse Effect “gate” of special education eligibility), passed by the state board of education last year and with legislative approval were rescheduled to start on July 1, 2023. This goal also includes our search for an adult with autism to join us.
  3. Address the need for awareness and understanding of females with ASD and the need for more and accurate resources for diagnosis of this population.
    • This group is significantly underdiagnosed, and thus receives inappropriate and limited services and resources. Create a webpage dedicated to this issue, and find other ways to highlight this disparity for this part of the ASD population.
  4. Create a VATF webpage addressing what can be done in the meantime by parents whose young child is awaiting a full evaluation for possible ASD.
    • Because there are a limited number of resources in Vermont to obtain a timely evaluation of children with autism, this goal would address what parents can do to help their children with possible/probably ASD, such as: a) exploring, for those under 3 years of age, CIS (Children’s Integrated Services) programs located in their local DD/MH agency for some services; b) investigating whether their family health insurance might cover ABA and other ASD services; c) connecting with ASD parent support groups, both in person and virtually, d) researching resources and education about ASD, etc.