Self-advocacy is getting to know oneself, feeling proud of who you are and being able to articulate that to others through decision making and knowing your responsibilities. The process of developing self-advocacy skills can be challenging for individuals on the spectrum.

  • Vermont has one of the Nation’s best resources for people for developmental disabilities, the Green Mountain Self Advocates. Visit their website here to find out how they are working to educate their peers and to make the public aware of the strengths, rights, wants, and needs of people with developmental disabilities.
  • The Howard Center is another great resource for young adults on the spectrum who desire to increase their independence and self advocacy skills. Visit the Howard Center’s website here to learn more about they can help with education, vocational training, and counseling among other things.
  • The Developmental Disabilities Services Division in your area of Vermont will also have additional resources available for individuals on the spectrum who are looking to increase their self advocacy skills. Find out more here.
  • The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is an excellent resource for individuals on the spectrum. Find out more here.